Point my body out to sea

I am Sarah Alice Hadland.
Taken. 26. UK.

Standard Nerd.

10 good reasons to live on your own.

1. No masses of black goth hair looming in the bottom of the plug holes.

2. The flat is ALWAYS how you like it and everything is where you left it.

3. The female underwear in the bathroom is definatly yours.

4. Washing accidentaly left in the washing machine doesnt get dumped on the dirty kitchen floor when your housemate decides that he cant possibly wait an hour for you to get home from work.

5. Waking up of your own accord and not because a cirtain someone is drunk and finds playing the Bangles at full volume at 5am, hilarious.

6. That milk you bought yesturday? yep… its still there :)

7. leaving the bathroom door open.

8. Naked days

9. Those spices you bought in Africa you cant get more of for a whole year? You dont have to hide them anymore.

10. No more finding rice in places you really shouldnt be finding rice.

and one more for luck…

11. Kitchen Pony being able to stay in her kitchen rather than being moved every damn week to live on the stairs….
…. SHES CALLED KITCHEN PONY FOR A REASON DAMMIT!! (she brings yummy vibes to all food cooked in her kitchen ^.^)

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